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Name:  Gina
Age:  14
Sex:  Laddyy
Location: New Jersey
Grade/ year you graduated: freshman this yearr
Gettin to know you.
Favorite Bands: Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, The Early November, The Juliana Theory, Straylight Run, The Spill Canvas, John Mayer =)
Overall Favorite band, and tell us why: Dashboard Confessional because i relate to the music so much and even though they're getting mainstream they've helped me get through a lot =)
Favorite Movies: Bronx Tale, Love and Basketball, Dumb and Dumber, Saving Silverman
Favorite Actor/Actress: Robert DiNero, Jack Black, Julia Roberts
What would we see you wearin on a typical day?: Jeans and a Band shirt or just any shirt
Your Favorite outfit looks like: green pants and a yellow shirt (my fav colors)
Favorite tv show: real world
Sexiest man/woman alive: man-Chris Carrabba, woman- Gwen Steffani
Scariest thing that happened to you: car accidentt
Radest thing that happened to you: me and my friends toilet papered my house one day and ordered pizza and blamed it on the pizza guy and taped the wholet hing
Favorite Instrument: guitar (i'm a sucker for anything acoustic ;-) )


Abortion: i think it's wrong because it's taking away someone's life and your unborn child shouldn't be penalized for your mistakes.
Cutting: is a reason why kids need to talk about how they feel more i'm emo and one way i get out whats inside is by writing, any way to vent works.
Self-Abuse: see above.
Drugs: i think drugs tear you apart from the people who really love and care about you
Acohol: i know a lot of people that drink and it doesn't bother me and i'm sure i'll do it later in highschool but i think i'm too young now.
Gay Marriages: everyone deserves to be happy and deserves to be with the person they lvoe and i don't see anything wrong with it because its discrimination anyother way if you're not letting people live freely if its the USA why not?
George Bush: personally i don't follow politcis that much but i think we wouldn't be comfortable with any president in office in the situation our country is in right now and we can't screwitinize his every move.
Tatoos: sexy as fuck
Piercings: see above =)
Jessica Simpson: shes damn cute but dumb as helll

Tell me what you think

Ashley Simpsons music: she is doin her own thing and i can't knock her for bein herself cause indvidualtiy is the most beautiful thing in this world.
Avril's music: see above.
70s and 80s music: so much fun.. i was made for the 70s
Michael Jackson: amazing when he wasn't a raper or w/e

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