Jasmine Michelle (ilovenirvana) wrote in tweakin_out,
Jasmine Michelle

Name: Jasmine
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Location: I grew up in Indiana...Now live in Eastern Kentucky.
Grade/ year you graduated: I graduated in 2001... and will graduate from college in about 2 more. lol

Gettin to know you.

Favorite Bands: Nirvana, Metallica, The offspring, Green Day, Aerosmith, Lit, Kittie, Jettingham, Beastie boys, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, Weezer, queen, INcubus, puddle of mudd, cake..and I also like county.
Overall Favorite band, and tell us why: Um, Nirvana. :D Why? because...their music relates to almost every mood I can possibly have...being bipolar, that constant source of relation to my moods is GOOD. :D
Favorite Movies: Little Mermaid, Princess Bride, TMNT movies, Now and Then, and Forrest Gump
Favorite Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks is my favorite actor... and I get made fun of, but I LOVE ROSIE O'DONNELL.
What would we see you wearin on a typical day?: Hmm today I'm wearing jean shorts, an offspring tshirt from the conspiracy of one tour, green bay packer flip flops, too much jewlery, and a strawberry short cake bandanna. :)
Your Favorite outfit looks like: This pair of kick ASS boot cut stretchy jeans that hug every curve perfectly, my black chucks with the mixmatched shoelaces (They're falling apart but I LOVE them!), knee high rainbow socks, and prolly a long sleeved navy blue tshirt with a random black band or political tshirt over it. I like dressing for fall.
Favorite tv show: Hmmmm. I really like Jeopardy and stuff like that...(i'm a nerd) and the O'Reily Factor.... (I disagree with him on almost everything but the man's got some balls!) , Law and Order I guess is my favorite since everything else i love has gotten cancelled lately... (I LOVED Full House, Roseanne, Friends, Home Improvement...)
Sexiest man/woman alive: Brendan Fraser/Adrian Paul woman? Mmm Alanis. She's fuckin' hot. I don't care. I don't LIKE girls but she's SEXY.
Scariest thing that happened to you: I normally will answer every question asked of me, but this one will make me upset therefore I'm not going to answer, okay?
Radest thing that happened to you: Hmm I HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE!! YAY!!!
Favorite Instrument: *Grins* Oh, not dirty thoughts...Hmm I wanna learn to play bass and trumpet!


Abortion: First off, I have not ever had an abortion. I don't think that I could live with myself if I did, but at the same time...if something were to happen were that was the best option for me, I guess its good I have that choice. We have too many children in this world who have nobody to love them and care about them to worry about hte ones who aren't here yet. THe human species is not endangered. It hasn't been for a few hundred thousand years. In my OH SO HUMBLE opinion, the only people who have a right to have any say in this matter are the folks who are wiling to adopt every single child who has been aborted and raise them theirself. Until Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are willing to do that, they need to shut their pieholes. *hops off soapbox*
Cutting: Cutting troubles me. I know so many people who have cut..and I simply cannot understand it. Well, mainly because I'm abhorently terrified of blood. Yuck.
Self-Abuse: Again, can't see the point... But at least they're not hurting anyone else?
Drugs: Legalize them. Then tax the bejebies outta them. :)
Acohol: You mean Alcohol? :D I like to drink.... but at the same time, I understand moderation and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. *shrugs*
Gay Marriages: I have no problem with gay marriages. I think it should be totally
George Bush: I think he's a fascist pig. I hate him. I HATE HIM. ANYONE BUT BUSH 04!!!
Tatoos: I like tats. I want one...I don't have one yet....
Piercings: Hmm I have QUITE a few lol

Jessica Simpson: Eh. She's stupid. Dumb blonde.

Tell me what you think

Ashley Simpsons music: Gah. I don't want to hear it.
Avril's music: I like her. :) I don't like to admit it.... but I dooooo! :)
70s and 80s music: I LOVE it!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! :D especially 80s. :)
Michael Jackson: Gah. I don't like his music..and he scares me. Anyone who goes from a fairly attractive black man to an ugly white woman scares me.

A picture of someone/something tweakin out!
I'm not sure what tweakin' out means. Sorry. Not hip. :)
how about an old picture of my bedroom?
Does that work?

At least 2 pictures of you.

my room a couple years ago.. and me. :D
Me...at 2 am. at denny's. when I was 19.
me...standing on my bed in skank-hoe clothes when I was a freshman. hehehe
THAT is the ugly orange sweater.

doesn't that sweater look like the sweaters Mr. Rodgers and Kurt Cobain's sweaters had a bastard child together.

I have a sense of humor...
Me and my favorite little boy. Isn't he a cutiehead?
I think I look oddly pretty here. :)
Ooh. Talk on the phone.
The only pic of me standing up
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