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Name: Kelley
Age:14, 15 in September
Grade/ year you graduated:10th

Gettin to know you.

Favorite Bands:Savage Garden, Breaking Benjamin, Puddle Of Mudd, Blink 182
Overall Favorite band, and tell us why:Savage Garden. I love their lyrics and they always keep me together just when I feel like I'm slipping away.
Favorite Movies:Donnie Darko, Girl Interrupted, Pay It Forward, A Man Apart, Wedding Singer, The Fast And The Furious
Favorite Actor/Actress:Actor'Vin Diesel;Actress'Anjolina Jolie
What would we see you wearin on a typical day?:jeans, or black pants and a shirt or hoodie
Your Favorite outfit looks like:i don't really care that much about clothes.. i guess my velvet pj pants and my donnie darko shirt
Favorite tv show:Friends, Newlyweds, Ashlee Simpson Show, South Park
Sexiest man/woman alive:Vin Diesel
Scariest thing that happened to you:almost being raped..>.<
Radest thing that happened to you:sleeping under the stars after a thunderstorm with my ex boyfriend
Favorite Instrument:drums


Cutting:I used to be a cutter for a while, it helped me a lot. I know it's not healthy, and it didn't solve anything. But I still did it, because I needed to. I don't need to anymore, i still get urges sometimes. But I fight them, because I don't want to go back to having to cover up the scars. So i'm not against it, but not for it either.
Self-Abuse:i guess that can go under my cutting oppinion
Drugs:I don't like them.
Acohol:A drink every now and then is okay, but being a complete drunk is another
Gay Marriages:Love is Love, all for it.
George Bush:man, FUCK HIM.
Tatoos:ooh, i love em. I want like 6.
Piercings:Sure, why not. I think they're pretty sexy
Jessica Simpson:Funny as hell.

Tell me what you think

Ashley Simpsons music:I kinda like it in a way. Not enough to by the CD though.
Avril's music:Uh. I like 1 of her songs?
70s and 80s music: Sure.
Michael Jackson:HAHAHHAHAHAHA,

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